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Yes, depending on how your website is configured and the type of account package you have it may be possible for you to easily manage your own content. All our sites run on a content management system be it either WordPress or Shopify.

Yes we can design and install a website so that you can then take over the management of the site and handle all future updates and amendments.

Of course you can still come back to us if you need help.

This will depend on whether we are building the entire website for you or you are doing all or part of it yourself. There are also a lot of factors that will determine how long construction of your website will take including:

  • The type of website required. An eCommerce website or one with special features will take slightly longer than a conventional website.
  • The amount and type of material that needs to be collated for inclusion in your website.
  • The actual size of the website with respect to the amount of material included.
  • The tweaking or revisions required before settling on the finished site.
  • The workload we already have booked-in.

Having said all that, we have had new websites up and running in as little as 1 week and splash or holding pages in a day or so. However, you normally need to allow 3 – 6 weeks to have a full website constructed and up and running.

Yes. In nearly all cases the hosting charges associated with a website are included in the package fee. Ancillary services such as domain name licence fees, and any optional extras you may have added to your account such as G Suit will usually be itemized separately.
We pride ourselves on our client support so most support requests will get a response within 1 working day or less and usually no longer than 2 working days. Even if the problem takes some time for us to look into we will contact you to let you know the status of your request.
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