• Devise a more visual way to showcase the products and tell the brand’s story.
  • Create a fully customised website including readable buttons that pop up on each product for a neat, user-friendly experience.
  • Ensure that all content is easily accessible, with a focus on the website’s navigation for fast response times with large images.
  • Improve the website’s architecture and navigation to make browsing and buying a seamless experience for the user.

Final Result:

A visually stunning website that tells the brand’s story in a way that’s easy to navigate and makes on-site purchases a breeze. Highly-customised, scrolling, large images were a key part in this website’s overall look so users could see all the beautiful details in each garment they wished to buy. The final result? A happy client for Spin Design and even happier customers for Natalie Alamein.

natalie alamien full

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